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Realtor Marketing Programs

Create-a-Buzz Marketing has relaunched a refreshed and updated service for the Real Estate Professional looking to identify their target market, develop a plan to attract that buyer and speed the sales process through a robust interactive marketing campaign.

These packages can be customized to meet the needs of the property and can include:

  • Professional Imagery – Please don’t make us look at your photos and videos taken with a smart phone!
  • Home Staging – Make it pretty…clean it up, unclutter and depersonalize!
  • Branded Designs – Set yourself apart from the competition by branding YOU and not your brokerage office!
  • Digital Media – Let technology be your friend!
  • Get a Social Life – Expand into a viral marketplace and integrate your brand with relevant content
  • Targeted Lists – Yes, tap the shoulder of both consumers and brokers to increase the property’s exposure!
  • Hosted Events – Woo brokers, neighbors and prospective buyers with champagne receptions
  • Self-Guided Tours – Don’t make them guess! Tell them what’s so special about the property even when you’re not demonstrating the home!

Best part is that these services can be paid at the close of escrow, so in most cases you can greatly reduce your front-end marketing expenses…SWEET!

Give us a call and let’s talk about how to get that house sold!

SeaCountry At RMV Is Coming To An End Soon!

It’s been one heck of a wonderful ride! From being on the opening crew at Ranch Mission Viejo, to taking on the marketing and advertising for SeaCountry Homes in March, 2014. I’ve learned a lot and we’ve done a lot over the year and some months, but with only a dozen homes left and the model homes getting ready to undergo construction for the new homeowners; it’s a bittersweet success.

The good news is that we’ll be back in a future village on the Ranch, but you won’t see us popping up in ads until 2016.

Bottom line…if you’re looking for an amazing home with great features packed in a home that is perfectly sized at or under 2,000 s.f. – get on out to the Ranch NOW and let us show you around the neighborhood!


With PCBC being so close to home, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to join thousands of building industry professionals in San Diego last month. It was wonderful to see so much power and energy in the convention center as colleagues old and new joined to hear the latest in technology, consumer trends, forecasts and overall how great it is to be busy at work again!

With so many new faces and fresh youth entering the industry, this year’s conference seemed to generate interest in more education than in previous years. Its time for the seasoned pros to teach the enthusiastic learners seeking a greater understanding of how the pieces fit together. I’m looking forward to seeing what spins out this great time in renewed growth!

Stay tuned as I transcribe notes and find links for those that couldn’t attend.


We’re LIVE!

Tamara Tatich (2)Similar to the cobbler’s kids, it’s taken much too long for us to refresh our old, tired HTML website. Introducing our new face in the digital world!

What we like the most is that instead of posting all our updates on Facebook, Twitter and the plethora of social media outlets available today; we just post to our own blog and the link to the other. This is where it all happens!

You’ll get to stay up on our events we’re producing, ad campaigns we’re launching and pretty much anything else that we can summarize in photos or words. I’m looking forward to the journal that will serve as an online portfolio of what we’re up to in and around California!

Stay tuned and I’m always interested in hearing what you have to say!

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