Beatles are Coming to America Event!

This is an example of an event eblast announcement on the 4th of July weekend. What a fun kick-off to America’s birthday celebration! Let us know if we can help you send your events announcement, find the right entertainment for your event…or coordinate everything from soup to nuts. TBT

Ocean Festival’s Fiesta Evite

Here’s an example of a fun and digitally interactive invitational evite, meaning it has several links programmed for a quick and convenient response. While the example images aren’t programmed with links, you can see how the original HTML communications could motivate a timely reservation response immensely, not to mention give the event coordinator an easy tool for organizing responses with a programmed subject line in the email responses.

Further convenience is a directions link so you don’t have to clutter the messaging with directions and maps. Another feature is adding a link to drive traffic to the website for more information on the organization, list of sponsors or any other additional information.

Let us help you organize your next event and/or event communications with a Buzz Eblast campaign!



With PCBC being so close to home, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to join thousands of building industry professionals in San Diego last month. It was wonderful to see so much power and energy in the convention center as colleagues old and new joined to hear the latest in technology, consumer trends, forecasts and overall how great it is to be busy at work again!

With so many new faces and fresh youth entering the industry, this year’s conference seemed to generate interest in more education than in previous years. Its time for the seasoned pros to teach the enthusiastic learners seeking a greater understanding of how the pieces fit together. I’m looking forward to seeing what spins out this great time in renewed growth!

Stay tuned as I transcribe notes and find links for those that couldn’t attend.


SeaCountry Is Taking Off!

SeaCountry is a wonderful client and they trust me to take the lead on all the marketing initiatives. I’m very fortunate to have fallen in with this amazing family-owned builder. Not only are they amazing at what they do, they put so much love and care into each home that resonates pride in every way.

So, we’ve been building on a campaign that pulls in the rustic, western cowboy culture of both SeaCountry and Rancho Mission Viejo; yet talks more to the young couples and families that are making SeaCountry at RMV their home. Its a lot of fun and I look forward to sharing what’s coming out the pipeline…as well as presenting a little bit of where we’ve been this last year:


We’re LIVE!

Tamara Tatich (2)Similar to the cobbler’s kids, it’s taken much too long for us to refresh our old, tired HTML website. Introducing our new face in the digital world!

What we like the most is that instead of posting all our updates on Facebook, Twitter and the plethora of social media outlets available today; we just post to our own blog and the link to the other. This is where it all happens!

You’ll get to stay up on our events we’re producing, ad campaigns we’re launching and pretty much anything else that we can summarize in photos or words. I’m looking forward to the journal that will serve as an online portfolio of what we’re up to in and around California!

Stay tuned and I’m always interested in hearing what you have to say!

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